"I can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary experience you shared with me the other day. At the start of the session I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. But your sense of humor and positive energy immediately calmed my nerves and I felt completely at ease in your presence. In just the first few minutes of our meeting you helped me find direction where I previously felt lost. Solutions to some of my problems seemed to just fall into place. It was also such an incredible blessing to communicate with my mother and to truly know she is always there with me whenever I need her. I can’t thank you enough for that.

I came to your house feeling stressed and unsettled and left with a true sense of peace that still lingers with me today." ~Cara

"Thanks again for today.  I had a feeling it would be great, but it was so much more than I expected.  Loved it!" ~Kristy

"Prior to my appointment with Lisa, I was feeling lost and completely devastated by the loss of my parents.  I often wondered if I could have done more to help them. Once i met lisa  I  finally felt that the closure i had been searching for all along. Lisa helped me in so many ways. Thank you Lisa for your help and continued support." ~Joyce

"All my previous readings never felt like they truly applied to me and left me feeling longing and 
then I had the reading with you.  That reading  has had such a positive and healing impact on me that I just had to send you this email. What really stood out was It felt like you were on that journey with me for that hour, but more importantly is the peace, comfort and closure that I felt after and in the following days  cannot be put into words." ~Anna 


"I would like to extend much gratitude to Lisa for her amazing gift.  After having my very emotional reading with her I left with much comfort and strength.  She is a caring and gifted soul.  My experience was unique to me, my issues and my guides.  Lisa uses her gift with integrety and compassion.  Thank you Lisa. I can not wait to come back!" ~Jill